Photo Facials

Photo Facials

Imagine having clearer, more radiant skin. Intense Pulsed Light treatments (I.P.L.) use broad spectrum non-invasive light to rejuvenate your skin and effectively treat the brown spots and visible blood vessels that we see with sun damage and rosacea.  And as a bonus, with multiple treatments, it leads to collagen remodeling and smoother skin.

Intense Pulsed Light treatments (or I.P.L.) use light to rejuvenate your skin and effectively treat age spots, freckles, and red spider veins.

What makes our IPL  treatments different? Our staff recognize the importance of safety and comfort. We use an incremental approach, gradually increasing the energy settings with successive monthly treatments. Brown spots and vessels fade away and collagen becomes remodeled leaving you with rejuvinated skin. After a course of I.P.L. treatments clients often comment that they no longer feel the need to cover their skin with makeup!

How does I.P. L. work?

The light from the I.P.L. is absorbed into the colour of the brown spot or red vein. The heat from the light then destroys the spot or vein.

Is the procedure painful?

The light pulses feel like snaps of little elastic bands. We apply a freezing gel to the skin to help diminish the discomfort to our clients.

What will my skin look like right after a treatment?

Your skin will have some pinkness and will be a little puffy. A few hours later you will be able to apply makeup.