Waxing: A Brazil-ion Reasons to Try It

Waxing has been around for thousands of years.  The procedure is more refined than ever before and is available at The Best You Clinic in Ottawa. This tried and true technique is practiced all over the world.  It’s hailed as one of the most effective and popular hair removal options available.  The clinicians at The Best You in Ottawa are skilled at giving you the most pleasant and precise waxing experience possible.  Whether you need an eyebrow touch up or total leg waxing for a special vacation, you will be pleased with the results.  The Best You offers a proper Medi-spa experience: clean, professional and comfortable. Especially if your skin type and colour and not suitable for Laser Hair Removal. Waxing can save you time and discomfort in your day to day routine.  You’ll be thrilled to have long-lasting silky-smooth skin that requires almost no upkeep.

Treatments Details:

There are a variety of waxing treatments and all can be equally effective.  There may be some differences in the type of wax or method used and some differences when it comes to what area is being treated.  The competent staff at The Best You will ensure you receive the best of what you are looking for.  Waxing can achieve longer lasting and more natural results than shaving.  Instead of merely cropping the hair, Waxing removes the hair follicle entirely.  Because of this, regardless of what area is being waxed, the results are long-lasting.  It may take the hair up to six weeks to grow back.  An added bonus to Waxing is that if you choose to return for multiple procedures, over time the hair re-growth will become increasingly sparse.  Multiple waxing session can remove unwanted or unsightly body hair in a more permanent way than you may have originally thought possible.

No wonder Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods in the world!  Now you can book your own appointment with The Best You Clinic in Ottawa and begin enjoying the benefits of wonderfully smooth skin.