Mineral Makeup Applications

Mineral Makeup Applications: It Will ‘Rock’ Your Makeup Routine

The enjoyment and benefits of makeup can often be undermined by unpleasant textures or harsh chemicals that irritate rather than enhance your skin or even clog your pores. Mineral Makeup is your way around all of those problems! The Best You Clinic in Ottawa offers Mineral Makeup Applications. Mineral Makeup is better than regular makeup and with the added benefits of being gentler to your skin and being able to create a more natural look with anti-aging sun filters. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen Mineral Makeup beginning to take over the world of celebrities and social media. Beauty experts and TV and film makeup artists have long known about the benefits of this type of makeup that is both healthier for your skin and gorgeous to wear. The talented artists at The Best You can help you achieve any desired look using safe and affordable products. From a simple neutral day face to dramatic evening glam, Mineral Makeup can be used to create any style. You’ll feel good about the products being used and you’ll feel even better about how you look! We call it Skin Care Makeup!

Treatment Details:

Mineral Makeups can contain ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. In addition to being gentle on your skin they are also widely used as a natural, non-chemical sun block. The simple application of Mineral Makeup can provide some basic sun protection. Zinc oxide also has some anti-inflammatory properties so it can be perfect for calming dry or irritated skin. If you have sensitive skin Mineral Makeup is a fantastic option for you to explore. Not only can Mineral Makeup replace your current harsher makeup brands but it may also aid in your skin’s recovery. Even for those with less sensitive skin, the application of Mineral Makeup always looks professional and amazing. The Best You Clinic in Ottawa has access to some of the best brands and the accomplished staff will be more than happy to explain and demonstrate the range of products and assist you in making your selection.

After you’ve tried Mineral Makeup at The Best You in Ottawa you will want to wear it for every occasion.