Micro Needling Treatments

Micro Needling Treatments – Now it’s Easy to Pin Down Youthful Skin

As you age your skin might need a bit of a boost to stay looking its best. The Best You clinic in Ottawa achieves exactly that using their Micro Needling treatments. Discussed in style and fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Allure, this procedure is receiving a lot of buzz. And no wonder, when the results are undeniable! There is next to no downtime so you will be able to return to work before you know it looking revitalised. The professional staff at The Best You in Ottawa will take care of your every need and ensure that you are comfortable during this treatment and achieve the gratifying results. This relatively simple treatment can be used for a wide variety of skin concerns minor scaring, from roughened texture to fine lines and wrinkles to stretch marks.

Treatment Details:

Micro Needling Treatments are sometimes referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy. Incredibly small needles are used to lightly puncture the skin. These micro punctures cause the skin’s collagen production to increase, helps repair damage and smooth out the texture of your skin. Collagen is a key factor in skin appearing fuller, softer and taut. Using this procedure, the look of wrinkles will be greatly reduced. Even unsightly imperfections such as scars can be managed. The thicker, dry skin of a scar can be rejuvenated by increasing collagen production. This procedure can be used on any skin type and at any age. It encourages your own body to work to reverse skin damage using its own natural mechanisms. The Best You in Ottawa uses a medical device that spaces the microneedles perfectly and with even deep penetration to ensure safe and consistent results.

Micro Needling Treatments offered at The Best You clinic in Ottawa puts your own facial skin cells to work for you.