Manicures: We Could All Use a Little Polish

Everyone enjoys the indulgence a manicure once in a while.  And some like to get manicures with regularity.  Whatever your preference, The Best You Clinic in Ottawa offers fantastic Manicure services.  The clinicians at The Best You won’t simply coat your nails in polish; they are there to give you the entire luxurious experience.  Hand massages, cuticle care and nail shaping are just some of the services that are included in a complete manicure.  People seek out manicures for any number of reasons.  Some are looking for general upkeep, others for a treat while shopping, and, of course, there are always the blushing brides wanting that wedding perfect look for herself and her wedding party.  Even nail-biters can benefit from manicures.  It’s less temping to chomp on your nails if they’re beautifully polished.

Treatment Details:

Manicures aren’t just for the fabulous nail polish colour.  They can also be an important step in maintaining the health of your fingernails.  Cuticle care is important part of beautiful nails.  The manicurists at The Best You provide you with careful and meticulous care.  The nails are shaped in the style you prefer and buffed to ensure they are smooth and ready to be covered in the polish or artificial nail you choose.  And the manicure experience wouldn’t be complete without a soothing hand massage.  Once the care portion has been completed it’s on to the fun stuff.  Colour! The Best You in Ottawa has a huge variety of polish options.  Choose from delicate, understated nudes all the way to bright, bold reds.

Your hands do all your heavy lifting so they deserve some pampering.  You can thank your hands for their hard work and reinvent your style every time you make a simple Manicure appointment at The Best You in Ottawa.