Eyebrow Styling

Eyebrow Styling – No Furrowed Brows Here

It’s not so secret anymore that brows can make the face. Well groomed brows can sometimes be all you need to appear polished and presentable while poorly groomed brows can diminish the best face. The Best You clinic is a fantastic choice for all of your Brow Styling needs. Many of us attempt brow care at home but it can be uncomfortable, awkward and highly intimidating with sometimes unpredictable and unfortunate results. It can be difficult to do such precise work on your own face.  All that stress can be eliminated by letting the highly qualified staff at The Best You in Ottawa handle this task. You can’t argue with the superior results that can be achieved by going to a professional. From the moment you make your first appointment you will know you are in good, capable and gentle hands. You won’t want to visit the ‘self-grooming’ section of your drug store ever again!

Treatment Details:

Brow Styling can refer to a variety of treatments that range from something as simple as minor tweezing or waxing up to full colour tinting. The professionals at The Best You in Ottawa make certain everything is done to your specifications and satisfaction. A consultation prior to any procedure will ensure you and your clinician find a brow shape that best suits your face and personal style. Typically brow styling entails tweezing, trimming and some gentle waxing. It is as close to painless as possible and the entire process can be completed in under 15 minutes. Before you know it, you are able to walk out of the clinic with perfectly shaped brows. We also offer a wide variety of homecare brow kits to perfectly match your colour and re-create your shape at home.The staff at The Best You can manage any brows whether you need a simple touch-up or a complete reshaping. Brow Styling can benefit anyone, regardless of age, gender or skin type.  

Everyone will want to know how you achieved your perfectly groomed, effortlessly natural looking brows. You’ll just have to tell them to book their first appointment with The Best You clinic in Ottawa.