Dear Best You clients and members:

We are extremely proud to celebrate our 15-year anniversary this year. Dr. Akyurekli opened the first Best You Clinic in Owen Sound in 2002 and we have since grown with multiple locations all over Ontario.

Since 2009 we have offered our membership program in multiple locations providing the most effective, convenient and personalized Skin Care and Laser program available on the market today.

The cost for our membership has not changed in the last 4 years, but due to inflation and rising operational costs we are making a small change in our program for NEW members only.

This change will take effect after our next events in February. Please check the newsletter for your clinic’s date.

Our Exclusive Membership program will change from a 20 % discount for all of our injectable and retail products to a 10% discount and the membership fee will increase to $ 225.00

Our maintenance membership program will change from a 10 % discount for all of our injectable and retail products to a 5 % discount and the monthly fee of $ 100.00 to $ 125.00.

The membership program with it’s incredible value is the best way to see immediate, long lasting results for your anti-aging needs. It is a personalized, medically supervised program and we are proud to offer the newest and most effective laser equipment on the market.

Most of our clients enjoy our membership program and continue to refer their families and friends to our clinics.

Remember: if you are currently a member, these changes will not affect you. Your monthly fee will stay the same and your agreement continues.

If you are considering our Exclusive Membership program for yourself, your friends or family, now is the time to come in and start your journey to be THE BEST YOU.

We look forward to your visit.