Dr. Nestor Torres

Dr. Nestor Torres graduated from the Colombian School of Medicine and El Bosque University in Bogota as a medical doctor and surgeon in June, 1993. For the next three years, Dr. Torres worked as a general physician for private and public health institutions in Bogota and surrounding cities, where he worked in the emergency room as well as in orthopedic and trauma services.

As a specialist in Health Auditing and Health Administration, Dr. Torres ran a public medical centre in a Colombian small town for five years, where he developed and implemented public health policies in conjunction with the municipal government and according to provincial and national health regulations

The beauty and harmony of the human body motivated Dr. Nestor Torres to discover another perspective of his medical vocation and, in 1999, after being trained by Brazilian and Colombian plastic surgeons, he began offering his services as a cosmetic and anti-aging doctor.

Ultimately, Dr. Torres has shared his experience and knowledge in the anti-aging and aesthetic field with doctors from many countries around the world by giving seminars, lectures and hand-on training.

Dr. Nestor Torres joined the Physiological Regulating Medicine family as a practitioner, few months later he became an international speaker, sharing in Canada, USA, Asia, Central and South America the innovative concept of Integrative Medicine, allowing him to give several seminars during the last couple of years in more than 20 countries around the world. He is proud to be part of The Best You team as medical assistant.

International Professional Postings

  • Physiological Regulating Medicine, GUNA Method, International Speaker for Asia, USA, Canada, Central and South America
  • CECAMEL (Central American Center for Studies in Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity), International Advisor
  • Mesoestetic (Barcelona Spain). International Speaker and instructor.