Dr. Fayez Badawi

Fully fluent in French, English and Arabic, Dr. Badawi is a dermatologist with broad experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skin pathologies and conditions. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Badawi is internationally trained and brings a wealth of knowledge from his training and experience in Syria, Saudi Arabia, the state of Qatar, France and Canada. His international experience ensures that he is sympathetic to both the patient’s health and their cultural values.

Dr. Badawi is a consummate artist who enjoys painting and drawing. His artistic talent extends to his work in dermatology which combines both his passions of art and surgery. This talent is demonstrated through his over 11 years of experience in skin surgeries including scar revision and skin grafting. A compassionate individual he takes the time and care to understand his patients thoroughly, helping them feel good about themselves by enhancing their beauty in a meaningful way. He is committed to the quality of his work and ensuring that patients are satisfied with the outcome of their surgery and resulting changes in health as well as appearance.

A dedicated professional, he believes in promoting education and awareness of skin cancer. Dr. Badawi is actively involved with the Canadian Cancer Society where he provides outreach in the form of presentations on skin cancer prevention to schools and community organizations. As part of this volunteer work, he also provides educational information on cancer prevention and therapies to families . He is also currently a health promotion volunteer with the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre as Health Promotion Assisstant, as well as the Catholic Immigration Centre.

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Dr. Badawi received his Doctorate in Medicine from Damascus University in 1984. He then continued his training in France at l’Université de Nancy, and later l’Hôpital de Vittel, where he specialized in Pediatric Dermatology. Dr. Badawi then returned to Damascus where he provided dermatological advice at both the University of Damascus and the local hospital until 1995. In 1998, Dr. Badawi was offered a prestigious position as the Head of the Dermatology at a Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

After three years as the Head of Dermatology, and twelve years as a Dermatology Consultant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Badawi relocated to Canada in 2011. He is proud to be part of The Best You team as medical assistant while working towards his full license with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.