Belkyra – no more double chin

Belkyra | Say goodbye to the dreaded double chin !

Often a double chin is a hereditary trait that persists despite diet, exercise and weight loss.  Prior to Belkyra, many clients’ options were limited to surgical interventions like liposuction.
belkyra - remove double chinFinally there is a non-surgical injectable treatment specifically designed to reduce submental fat deposits.

Belkyra is a Health Canada approved injectable treatment which essentially melts away fat.

With Belkyra patients can now be treated with a series of small injections into the fatty tissue. The Belkyra acts to chemically break down the unwanted fat cells in the localized area, allowing your body to dispose of them through natural processes over the next couple of weeks.

Typically a series of 3 or more treatments is required, approximately 4 weeks apart, depending upon the amount of fatty tissue present.

Most clients can return to work and normal activities immediately after treatment, although some swelling and occasionally mild bruising may occur especially within the first 24-48 hours.

Dr. Akyurekli and the staff at The Best You are excited to bring this new treatment to our amazing clients.  If you have been wondering about treatment options for your double chin, schedule a consultation with one of our fully qualified physicians to determine if you are a candidate for Belkyra.