How Do I Know What I Need? Visia Skin Analysis

The world of medical aesthetics can be confusing and overwhelming at first. Often you know the time has come to start doing something, but what? Where do you begin? And how do you know that you’ve chosen the correct treatment?

One of the best ways to make that decision is to have your complexion analyzed. This is generally the first step for clients who attend our clinics. A computerized skin analysis with a Visia Skin Analysis system will objectively review each major area of the surface and sub-surface of your skin.

In addition to accurately capturing the number of spots, amount of brown pigmentation, wrinkles, redness, ultraviolet damage, pores, texture issues and bacteria on a face, Visia Skin Analysis can also compare the percentage of each value against other people of the same age with the same overall skin type. This way, you can see how you are fairing overall in comparison to your peers.

This objective measurement provides an unbiased baseline from which you, in consultation with the experienced aesthetic professional can make a plan of care. For each individual concern, the aesthetic professional can provide you with options for treatment, taking into consideration multiple personal factors such as ones tolerance for “downtime”, the ease and frequency of treatments, and cost factors.

The patient care plan is then as individualized as possible, ensuring that you receive only the treatments that are ideal for your concerns, maximizing your medical aesthetic investment.

Repeating the Visia Skin Analysis at regular intervals throughout the treatment plan provides an objective recording of progress as you work towards your goals, and helps to verify that you are on the right track to getting the results you desire. The beauty of this system is that you are able to compare your results side by side from one session to another to track your progress.

Let us help you make all those important decisions regarding medical aesthetic services. Contact The Best You location nearest you to book your complimentary Visia Skin Analysis. What are you waiting for?